Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Rose of the The Rose Croix


The Rose of the Rose Cross:

One interpretation of the Rose Cross generalizes its symbolism to depict the blossoming of various aspects of Spirit within an individual. The Rose breaks down the aspects of the Spirit through a system of number, Hebrew lettering, and color scales. This system can be cross referenced to other systems used by the Golden Dawn such as elementary, planetary, zodiacal, gemetria and tarot.

A Self initiatory exercise using the Rose:

I admit that this exercise is my own invention. It is a bit time consuming as it has been a week and I'm still on the 1st three pedals. At any rate, I have included the keys to deciphering the Hebrew, tarot and color scale on the Rose and a link to a playlist to reference for the Hebrew Gemetria. The first step of the exercise is to commit to a pedal. Second, study its symbolism through the keys included. Contemplate its meaning to you, your life, soul and connection to spirit. Take into account the symbol's polarity, physical, mental and emotional qualities. Finally, if you choose to go full on magician you can use one of the symbols or systems (Like the pedal itself or the corresponding tarot card) as an astral portal in meditation for skrying or travel in spirit vision. - LiS