Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August Solar Festivals

August Solar Festivals

                Well, the great disk is moving into the second decan of Leo and that means that the power and might of the sun is being moved elsewhere to bring its strength.  To give thanks and celebrate everything that has been brought into fruition thus far many traditions hold a festival like Lammas, Lughnasa, and the Feast of the Lion Serpent.  Being self initiated or "self made" may give you poetic license to celebrate illumination of your own spirit this past season.
                Even if you are not a farmer celebrating the first harvest, which is typically the profane understanding of Lughnasa, you can still celebrate the growth of your soul, the harvest of blessings and the purge of personal demons that no longer serve you.  A suggestion I would give is to reflect on the events of your life since the winter solstice and how they have helped you to grow as a person.  Then, you can reflect on the "weeds" of your life since the solstice and how those persons, places or things no longer serve to grow you and instead hold you from progressing.  Finally, it's helpful for me to understand and contemplate the sheer awesomeness of life, its triumphs, and its errors and focus my emotion on appreciation to the infinite for the fullness of life yet to be lived the rest of the coming year.

My own little celebration plans

             I don't plan on making a huge deal out of my own solar celebration.  Just a party for me, myself and I.  Since this year's winter solstice my focus has been on study, ritual, and purification.  It has been a long season with more than a few tears and frustrating moments.  So, I will dedicate my solar celebration to the element fire and the Goddess Sekhmet, the destructive lioness who's rage nearly wiped out humankind until Ra sated her thirst for blood with wine.  In this way, I can honor the losses of the year as a necessary forge fire of purification so that the rest of the year I may focus on molding the malleable metal the fires have produced.
            When I celebrate on my own I usually let synchronicity take me to where I need to be and I allow it to steer me into who I need to be with during.  So, after some reflection and taking stock as indicated above I plan on celebrating the solar festival by enacting my own rite...namely, buying a sour lady drinks.  Laugh if you must but, I plan on letting the current direct me to my own personal embodiment of the Goddess Sekhmet.  I will play the part of Ra and slake her thirst for destruction by getting her sauced and making her a friend.  At the end of it all I will be appreciative for the experience regardless of whether it is excellent conversation or a slap in the face I will move forward the rest of the year solid in purpose and without fear.
Have an awesome celebration,
Frater LiS