Saturday, June 27, 2015

Catching Up

Art by Gianluca Gambino

Catching Up

              I'm tempted to spill out a bunch of events and ramblings which of are no consequence to anyone but myself.  That is not the purpose of this blog, so I'll refrain from boring myself in the future and any other reader.  I'll try to make my successes and fuck ups as helpful and entertaining as possible.

             For those of you that don't know me personally, I take on many personal projects (magic and mundane) at one time and treat them like wet spaghetti.  I work on a bunch of them and I throw them at the wall in the hopes that a couple will be successful and stick.  I fail more times than I succeed for great results, but more times than not I succeed in a result that produces at least a life lesson and a small measure of success.  Below is a list of my more recent magical projects.

START A MAGICAL FRATERNITY:  I put the foot forward to organize a magical fraternity with a friend a little over a year ago that is modeled and named after the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Short falls:  Early on ego and ignorance was a personal problem.  Without going into too much self butt kicking, I felt that it was my duty to fulfill all roles and stretch myself too thin in trying to get the group to gain traction which led to a bruised ego. 

Achievements:  The Order is going strong, I've cooled my heels on involvement in aspects of governance of the Order that doesn't concern my position and I couldn't ask for a greater group of people with which to study, learn and practice the mysteries and magic.  Sincerely, some of the most wonderful people I've ever met.  You can check out our Facebook Page here     

OCCULTIST MAGAZINE:  I wanted to start a quarterly in a magazine format that contained articles on the occult of an eclectic variety.  

Short falls:  The magazine was self published through blurb and because of the buying format the magazine did not sell well.  To add insult to injury, I bought 10 copies myself and discovered that the resolution of the print came out really low causing the print and graphics to be blurred.  Luckily, it did not sell well, otherwise I could have been inundated with return requests.

Achievements:  Getting articles was not an issue as there are many, many occult writers.  I also learned that occult publications should be done for personal passion and not for financial gain.

CRAFTING AN ENOCHIAN CHESS SET:  Around Christmas I spent a good deal of time, effort and money in gathering materials and tools in order to make an enochian chess set.

Short falls:  I suck at crafts.  First, I tried to craft the pieces out of wood with a dremmel tool.  When the dremmel tool didn't work, I tried modeling clay.  The modeling clay attempt was also short lived.  I started with the easiest pieces, the canopic jars.  They came out looking like dildos.

Achievements:  I did learn a good bit about how the game is supposed to work and about the methods for using the boards for divination and various operations.

DRAWING SPIRITS INTO CRYSTAL:  Recently I tried my hand at crafting again for an operation of drawing angelic interface into a scrying crystal.  The operation was first published in Francis Barrett's "The Mage" and was based on an operation designed by Abbot Trithemius of Spanhiem in the 16th century.  

Short falls:  Again, I suck at crafts.  The operation calls for a pedestal and wand made of ebony, a disc made of gold and the construction of a floor circle.  Well, the circle turned out "ok", the wand I ordered online, the disc of gold is leafed and "doable", but the ebony for the pedestal I murdered with a circular saw.  The end result was a stand more than a pedestal and I tried the operation anyhow.

Achievements:  I made contact!!...although it wasn't exactly the Angelic being with which I was hoping to  converse.  The spirit was of the correct alignment, but not in my opinion primarily angelic.  Anyone that has experienced an angelic presence will understand what I mean by saying that you can judge the presence of a spirit vs an angel by the degree to which the atmosphere of your physical surroundings change.   Nonetheless, I am encouraged.  The spirit is friendly and helpful and if to be believed will live up to its statements in the very near future.  I place full confidence in God, the Christos, the Sophia, and in the Arch-angelic hierarchy that governs this spirit to fulfill its promises.  

THE COMPLETE MAGICIAN'S DECK:  Currently I have published a set of cards which display the symbols in flashing colors for: the elements, the planets, the zodiac signs, geomantic sigils and the Hebrew alphabet.

Short falls:  So, I made the deck primarily using Microsoft paint and it took many, many edits to come up with a version that pleased me and that I could feel confident with providing for sale to the general public.  It was time consuming, but worth the effort in my opinion.

Achievements:  I think that I have a really good training aid that can be expanded into real ritual training tools.  You can check out and order a deck here.  A ritual and astrological board set is set to be published fairly soon.

That's the scoop for now,
Peace and Light,